We want to give you our gratitude for placing the order with us and making us a part of your celebration. We will be striving hard for making the celebrations memorable and fantastic. At Wishours, we have a group of the gifting and celebration staff who will always love working and trying to serve people during the celebrations in the best way. We always try to do our best in whatever way we can. Besides, we stick to the quality of what we present on the website during our serving. We also follow certain rules, processes, and guidelines.

The terms and conditions that we hold help in assisting the user and also help in minimizing the areas of conflict. We have plenty of processes and rules that are applicable. So it is essential to go ahead with the terms and conditions. You can clarify it from customer care if you have any doubts. You can rest assured that the spirit of working that we have has benefited our customers, our team and also our company.

Terms and Conditions

In this section, you will have to read it carefully before using the service because it is subjected to the acceptance and compliance with the terms and conditions. When you are subscribing with us or any of our services you are directly or indirectly agreeing that you have read, understood, and followed the points of concern. It also comes regardless of how you are subscribing or using the services. If you do not want to be bound by the terms and conditions you should not subscribe or use the services that we provide.

When you are using the website tools or services you have to keep in mind that you are governed by the following terms and conditions that will apply to the website. It comes inclusive of the policies that are incorporated by reference. In case you are transitive of the website you have to be subject to the policies that apply to the website. Forgoing any such transactions you are using the website you have to contract with the online solutions private limited and then the terms and conditions that come inclusive of the policies for security and the binding applications.

When you are accepting the terms and conditions you are accepting to be bound by the privacy policy with these terms of use. In the context, we refer to you or any other user meaning the natural or legal process that has to be agreed upon for becoming a member of the website. You have to do so by providing registration data and also signing in to the website as a registered user. You have to do so with the computer systems that sound like us and we mean being a part of our private limited solutions. It is applicable whether you are using any of the services provided by us to the website that is also inclusive of customer reviews. You are subjected to a guideline, policies, terms, and conditions that apply to such services.

Everything gets incorporated into the terms of use and will be also presented as part of the terms of use. We also have the right in sole discretion for changing and modifying the part of the terms and conditions without giving any kind of third notice to you under all circumstances. It is your responsibility for reviewing periodically for the changes or updates when you are continuing the usage of the website. Following the posting of these changes means that you are processing and agreeing to the conditions as long as you are complying with the terms of use. We will always produce a non-exclusive personal non-transferable and the limited privilege for entering and using the website. You can go ahead with accessing, browsing, and using the site that indicates the agreement to all the terms and conditions under the terms of use. So you have to read them very carefully before using them.


On the website, we hold everything sent to the database content in the e-commerce portal that will be owned and operated by us. As the company incorporates the laws of India you can use them on the website based on acceptance without modification of the terms conditions and notices contained in the terms section. It may be also posted on the website from time to time. Our website has the discretion of preserving the right not to accept the user from registering on the website without reason to it.


The headings and subheadings that you will find here are for convenience and identification only and aren't intended to interpret, describe, define, or limit the scope extent, or intent of the terms of the right to use.

User account security and password

You will be also receiving the password and account designation upon completion of the registration process on the website. You are always responsible for the maintenance and confidentiality of the password and account. You are also responsible for all the activities that you are going to do with the password for the account section. You will have to agree to notify us in case of any third party password for an account or any kind of breach of security. You should ensure that you are exiting from the account at the end of every session.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage that is arising from the failure to comply with the section. You have to agree that any information that you are providing to us is consistent, accurate, and complete. We also have reasonable grounds for suspecting that information is inconsistent, incomplete, or invalid. We will find out when it was not following the terms of use. We will be always held right for directly suspending or terminating or blocking access to our web-based portal.


Whether you are using the website for sending emails or other data information and communication to the company you directly or indirectly understand the third party and the electronic records. This will give you the concept of communications with the electronic records from the company periodically as and when required. The company isn't liable for communicating with you. It comes inclusive of email or any other search modes of communication, electronic, or other services offered.

We can provide you with several internet-based services through our website. We give some of the services with the bills used to make the process of online merchandise as gifts like perfume, watches. We will ship the product to you and the person whoever you are gifted to and are entitled to pick the payment for the service.

Use of the website

With your agreeing, undertaking, and confirming that you are using the website you shall be strictly governed by the following binding principles.

• Charges to membership on the website are always free for the buyers. We do not charge a fee for browsing and going through the website.

•  We also reserve the right for changing the fee policy from time to time. We always take sole discretion in terms of introduction of new services and modification of existing ones.

• This policy shall be also posted on the website and changes automatically become effective immediately after we are posting on the website unless otherwise stated all fees also get quoted in Indian rupees.

• You have to take the responsibility for the compliance of all the applicable laws including the currency of India for making payments to the private limited.

Privacy policy

The user consent expresses and agrees that he or she has read all the terms and conditions and fully understands the privacy policy. Besides, further consent for the terms and conditions are also applicable to him and her.

Limited terms

The user has written the and undertake not to reverse engineer, copy, modify, distribute, transmit, perform, publish, feed, the derivative works from transferor also sell any information or software that is obtained on the website, there is a limit to the production of the copy of the content of the website permitted. You have to take the permission to write it down for the clarification of any doubt. You have to always consider our commercial and non-commercial purposes. We also consider all the other warranted modification of the data and information within the content.

You are agreeing that during ordering, you are sticking to the use of the website and the service that is only posting and uploading the messages and the material. You should not abuse, harass stock, threaten, or otherwise even violate the legal rights of others. You should not publish, upload, post, distribute, or disseminate any kind of stuff that is inappropriate, defamatory, and obscene.

You should not upload or distribute files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or other software problems. You shouldn’t violate any code of the laws or regulations for the time being enforced in or outside India. You should not violate any code of conduct or other guidelines that may be applicable. You should not violate the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement or the other terms and conditions related to our website.

Content posted on the site

You do not have the rights of copying, reproducing, republishing, uploading, posting stuff publicly displayed in the content that is available here. You may, however, use the information on the products and services to a certain extent with our permission. You shouldn't make any modifications of these and you should not make any additional representations and warranties that we make use of. You have to keep in mind that it is solely your responsibility for the notes, messages, emails, billboard posting, profile, ideas, image, video, audio files, and other material that is posted or transmitted to the website.

The contract becomes our property and you’re branding and the transferable rights to the content. We shall be always entitled to and consistent with the privacy policy that is adopted following applicable law. It is also inclusive but not limited to the promotion and advertising content in PDF. You are agreeing that the activities are consistent with the privacy policy of the rules of the site.

User button and representation

The user guarantees and also certifies that you are the owner of the content that you are submitting or otherwise authorized to use on the website.

We would all have intellectual property rights in terms of intellectual property rights policy or otherwise indicated or anything contained to the contrary of the proprietary material owned by the third party and expressed. We hold all the intellectual property rights to everything on the website that is also included but without any limitations of the right title or interest. We also hold related rights, patent trademark, utility model, which make use of the designs trade secrets.

You should acknowledge and agree that you shall not use, reproduce, or distribute any of the content from your website belonging to us without operating the authorization from us. With regards to the product customization service you are agreeing that by uploading and posting the content of the website for the public viewing and reproduction of the content by third-party sites, you are giving access to the user via the client.

Links to the third-party website

The website of Wishours can give links to other websites where the linked websites are not under the control of our website and are not responsible for the contents of the linked site.

With the translation by the sites we are providing the norms as a part of the convenience and the inclusion of any of the links does not imply endorsement of the website of the linked sites. We do not have the association with the operator for owners including the legal, inherited, or assigned staff. That said the users have to verify the accuracy of all the information before undertaking reliance on such information.

Limitation of liability or disclaimer of warranties

You have to take the vow for ensuring that all the information that is placed on the website is correct but we are not responsible for making any kind of representation differentiating the accuracy, quality of the data product or service. You are liable for the direct and indirect or incidental damages that are caused due to the use of the inability to use the services.

Access to the alteration of the data or transmission at any kind of matter that is related to the service, we are also not responsible for the limitation, damage or loss of data, or anything. So we won't be responsible for the delay or inability of using the website or other related services. We are also not responsible for the failure to provide services or any information, product, software, or anything sort of that. We are also not responsible for the non-availability of the website during the periodic maintenance of any kind of unplanned suspension of access to the website.

The user must always understand and agree that the material that is placed here or even data that is downloaded or otherwise obtained through the website is done completely at our discretion. We do not take the risk for the same. We are also not responsible for the damage caused to the computer systems or any kind of loss of data. Our website, as well as the materials and products that we have included on the available, is provided without representation of the warranty expression that is otherwise specified in writing without any kind of his duties for the foregoing paragraph.

The website is available to constantly give you support. The information that we have on the website isn't always true, accurate, or complete. We won't be also liable in any way for the relation to the content or use of the connection that is associated with the website. You have to note entering the valid phone number while placing the order on the website. You will also have to register the problem with us. We consider your consent for contacting us over phone calls and SMS notifications.

With us, you can rest assured that we won't be using the personal information for the personal phone, call or SMS for the wrongdoings. If we notice the breach of the information, copying of the agreement or warranty that is performed by you regarding the terms conditions, or termination, we may suspend or terminate your account on the website or the service that we offer. If we find you breach any of these terms and conditions we can offer to terminate your account or delete the content or materials related to you.

If you are involved in the wrongdoing on the website you are also responsible for paying for the service or product that you have already ordered till the time of the termination is available for you. We can do so following the laws without taking into consideration any reference to the conflict of the principles of the law or even the disputes.

Exclusive jurisdiction of a court

Proper interpretation of the general and number patterns that we have written here applies equally to both the singular and plural form of the terms defined. Whenever we are doing this statement they are applicable for all the gender with words like hereto, herein, we are referring to “you” using the website. In case the provision of the terms is available for distribution and proves to be invalid in whole or as a part, the invalidity gets attached only to the provision of the part of such permission and the remaining part of such provision.

The users have to take responsibility for every material or the content that is associated with the website. Our website undertakes the contents in any way before they are appearing on the website. That said we do not verify the contents of the person or anything that is posted or uploaded to the website. We can legally hold you liable for the contents and everything accountable. In case the content of the material makes use of the defamatory comment or also the materials that are under protection by copyright or trademark, we are not responsible for that.

Product description

We do not take the case of warranty that the product description or any related content that we are placing on the website is complete, accurate, reliable, or holds limitation of liability in the circumstances. We are liable for the special indirect, incidental, or consequential damages caused in connection with the terms of use. This condition goes the same if the user has got the information about the possibility of such damage.


We have the pricing list for the products as described on the website and we incorporate them into the term experience. We have all the places that are listed here in Indian rupees. The prices, services, and products are available for change at the discretion of our website.


While you are taking into consideration the payment method available on the website we are not responsible in respect to the laws that are arising directly or indirectly due to the lack of authorization of the legal statements. There may be instances of issues arising out of the transaction declined. The transaction payment and the purchase associated issues aren’t always due to us. The website will be also facilitating the transactions concerning any other form of currency concerning the processes that you make on the website. However, before shipping and delivery of the order to your address, we will demand from you the supporting document that is inclusive but not limited to the government-issued id and the address proof.

The decline of the transaction is due to many reasons

The payment for the products or the services of the website must be done in Indian rupees that are also acceptable in the Republic of India. The website will not facilitate the transaction concerning other forms of the currency concerning the process. Acceptance of the address will only guarantee the processing of the orders. It will be accepted with the help of the website and application of the earliest applications. Only if you are in dire need of the special requirements we can accept orders by mail or the customer care phone. However, you have to know that this is not guaranteed and will also not display the guarantees.

Finish and appearance of the final product that is delivered to the recipient

We are not responsible for getting the delivery of the replica of the product that is mentioned on the website.

The case of the flower or related product

We always make use of the different wrapping paper, decoration material, baskets, and other storage items from the ones mentioned on the website. When it comes to the actual product delivered delivery of the same color as the flower or food that you are choosing isn’t possible. It is also subject to availability and freshness. We also consider choosing the delivery of the deliverables of the same monetary value when there are unavoidable circumstances.

In the case of the cake, we are also involved with using the fixture for guidelines that have their style of preparation of the same caliber. In case you are ordering a cake that is undeliverable due to unavoidable circumstances, we will always deliver a similar keep of the same monetary value. In the case of the other products if we cannot deliver the same products we will always provide you with a similar product of the same monetary value.

Date and time slot

Based on the products and the services delivery we have a time slot that will be fixed during the time of the checkout. Everything can be also selected by the user. It is preferred based on the time slot and date of the order by the customer. We always strive for the delivery on the selected date and time. It does not work in the form of a guarantee. We are also committed to doing the delivery of the products and services that will be ordered 24 hours of the requested time slot and delivery date. Failing to this we are not responsible for refunding the amount for the delivery.

Day time delivery time will be reached between 10 a.m. and at 8 p.m. For the orders during the midnight delivery can be made within the 11 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. If the deliveries to the remote locations of the small towns we make it between 10 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. However, you have to keep in mind that there will be no such statements made in the case that the orders are failing to be delivered within the time slot. In only one attempt for the delivery, you will have to take the product.

You will have to confirm the availability of the options before the choice of the delivery time. In case the recipient is not available at the time of the delivery we won't be making the second attempt and we will just cancel your order. We cannot make any promise during this case. The delivery timings cannot be in certain circumstances and it will be executed later on. Some of such days are father’s day, Valentine’s Day, friendship day, Raksha Bandhan, New Year, and Christmas.

Delivery based information

Right after the product's delivery location has been set, we shall pass the order upon the. There may be circumstances of the possible loss or damage to the product.

Case of the recipient is receiving the product in a damaged condition

The receiver should always check the product for flowers, cakes, or anything other before signing the receipt. In case you find the product is damaged, you should always refuse to accept it and immediately inform customer care. If you have issues related to the products, you have to report within four hours of receipt because after that we won't be taking into consideration the request for the replacement or refund.

If you find that the product is badly damaged you will see that there will be a replacement made for you. However, you have to consider a minimum of 6 hours for the replacement product. Complaints however should be made within 48 hours after the delivery. If you do the complaint after 48 hours we won't consider it.

Minimal and cosmetic damage like the name of the message, or not written stuff on the cake, issues related to the decoration of the cake aren’t always eligible for the refund. There may be different issues related to them. The products are not eligible for the replacement or refund unless we see that it is severely damaged.

For orders that consider being kept as a surprise

We will always ensure privacy for the order as requested without the receiver knowing the details of the sender. In case the receiver is refusing to accept the order then we will disclose the details of the sender for the order to acknowledge and let it get accepted. In case the receiver isn’t considering the order after that also we will consider it as complete from our end. Due to the time limitations, as well as the gifts, being perishable we won't entertain attempting to have the order delivered within the given time frame. For any further information, you can contact us.

The instances of the non-delivery of the products

We are willing to attempt the delivery of the order only once. In case there are additional products the delivery attempt can be made again only when it is subject to the decision and you will be liable for the additional delivery charge in that case. In case you are not attending the execution of a delivery in time the customer shall also still be charged for the order and there will be no redelivery made. In that case, you will have to consider it executed. In the cases of the wrong landline, wrong shipping or delivery address, mobile number, or extension number recipient who is refusing to accept the delivery, the refund is not applicable.

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