Refund policy

We can make the refund based on the calculations that are mentioned in the cancellation policy. Acceptance of the order is subject to the delivery of the product by the availability and time. The order isn't always applicable for acceptance. Sometimes it gets canceled after assessing the circumstances. However, we will communicate the same to the customer in such cases.

The amount that is paid by the customer in the process becomes fully refunded to the wallet with the bank account. We will have to make only one attempt for the delivery. You have to confirm the availability of the recipient before choice of the delivery time. If the recipient is not available during the time of delivery then the second attempt will not be made at any cost.

Orders available for cancellation

We cannot make the refund in case the reference gets initiated only once the customer is confirmation of mail. It gets done to the bank account or the wallet. We can edit the refund to the account by processing it within 48 hours of the delivery time. The refund gets processed within a payment period of 15 working days.

The address change request based concern

Change of the address is permitted free of cost there before 24 hours of the delivery and within 24 hours period before delivery. For the address change, we charge rupees 200. Sometimes we don’t accept address change requests. This is specifically for the different pin code requirements. It is the responsibility of the user for providing the correct pin code of the address of delivery. The pin code should be correct along with the correct delivery address.

Address and the corresponding to the pin code of that area

In case of pin code entered in the address, the section becomes incorrect, and then the address entered is available for delivery. For the correction of the Pincode, no refund gets initiated. The system will always check for the pin code for the delivery verification. We will also assign the team members for contacting you regarding the wrong pin address. If you want the delivery to be done to the new address, then you have to give the new charges applied with a new quote. We cannot cancel the order or refund you in that case

Important points go note

Availability of the services and products displayed on our website becomes the best reference values for 100% support.

We will process your request with the reference to the time slot of the order. If it is the case of the midnight order, we will determine the delivery between 11 p.m. At 12:30 a.m. In the case of the remote location or the small towns, we can make it within 10 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. We consider the product specifications like the color, weight, and size mentioned with the product.

Photos that are displayed on the website are only in the form of the approximate and indicated value. Sometimes there come the slight variations in the pictures and products that meet the acceptance of the order. It is however subject to the availability of the product's time and area. The order sometimes may or may not be accepted. Based on the necessary conditions, it is available for cancellation of assessing the circumstances and it is communicated to the customer.

We have the norms for the detection of customer behavior. We are liable for canceling the order in times of wrongdoing at our discretion and we would not make any refund for such cases. If there are cases of a duplicate order, we will be contacting the customer and in that case, we cannot wait for the late response from the customer.

We will process your order the argument that rises after that. There is no guarantee of the delivery of the products in the time slot that we mention on the website. This goes especially in the case of the midnight delivery or on the delivery of special occasions like the New Year and Christmas. It will be processed earlier or later than the hours of the requested date and time slot.

For rescheduling of the order, you will also have to inform us at least 24 hours before the delivery. Before going ahead with the acceptance of the order, the recipient should check it earlier before signing the receipt. In case you find the damage caused, you shouldn’t accept the order and return it to the delivery person.

We have to consider 12 hours or a minimum of 6 hours for a replacement. Execution of the order is considered successful and complete in case there is a wrong address mentioned by the sender. Even if the sender gives the location that is temporarily locked we can also call execute the order successfully and complete. You should always give us a location within 48 hours of receiving the product. Based on that, the customer service team will be looking into the issues and will take the appropriate decisions.

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