Privacy Policy

We have an understanding that gifts give the best vibe when they are given as a surprise. That said, we always take into consideration your privacy as an important aspect. We will always insist on giving the highest standards for the secured transactions on the customer.

Information Privacy

We are always responsible and will never publish and sell your personal information to third parties to make the marketing purpose. We will also consider your consent in doing everything. It is essential to consider this privacy policy for learning more about the way we formulate for the protection of your personal information. You should always know that the privacy policy is subject to change at any time without further notice to make sure that you are aware of the changes.

We always review the policy periodically. When you are visiting the site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the policy. You have to agree to the website whether or not you want to get access to it. When using this website, you are giving your consent to the disclosure of personal information. You can do so following the privacy policy.

The privacy practices always apply to the services available on the domain and subdomain of the website. They will always apply generally to the parent subsidiaries, affiliates, or the joint venture website. When you visit the page, you are binding to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. If you do not agree, you shouldn't get access to our website. The privacy policy is the description of the information as a part of the normal operation of the services. We also take into consideration the collection of information that will be favorable for us.

We always prepare the detailed policy because we believe that it should be relevant to your interest in making the informed decisions as described in the privacy policy if it is subject to the requirements of the applicable law. We will strive to provide a relevant set of privacy policies throughout our website. When you are accepting the privacy policy and user requirement in the registration, you are expressing consent for using and disclosing your personal information.

We do so by the privacy policy. The privacy policy is also incorporated and subject to a certain user agreement. It is effective even in the registration of new users. Privacy is our commitment. We are extremely proud in the form of competent professionals who are committed to the protection of privacy. We will always be valuing your trust in us. We will work hard to earn confidence. You can always use the services and also recommend us to your friends and family. We will always insist on understanding the privacy policy, particularly for the personal information that you are providing to us.

Information we collect when you are using the site

We are always collecting and storing personal information. The primary goal that we hold the same is providing a safe, efficient, smooth, and customized experience. You can rest assured that we will be giving you the service and features that will be meeting your needs and wait for customizing the site. We strive to make the experience safer and the best if you want personal information about other necessary things. We will achieve the objective by taking into consideration your privacy. We can also allow you to browse a website without telling us who you are.

Ordering any personal information about yourself

Once you're giving them personal information, you are no more anonymous to us. To fully use our site, you will have to register using the online registration form. In the form, you will have to provide us with your name, date of birth, email id, contact number, password, user ID, or the place of business information, shipping information, billing information, bank account details, as well as the other personal information.

If it is possible, we will always indicate the fields that are mandatory and optional fields. You will always get the chance to obtain the options for providing personal information. We will always automatically track certain information about you based on the behavior on the site. We will be using this information for doing internal research on the demographics, interests, and behavior of our customers. It will also be giving us a better understanding and protection at the same time.

 In this way, we take into consideration the personal information for analysis. The information is inclusive of a URL that will be just coming in. Then, we make use of the browser information and the IP address further. This information also usually comprises likes, interests, and other like things. We can also help in the proper interaction on social networks. We will also be using the data collection devices like the cookies on certain pages of the site for helping analysis of the web page flow. At work, we will also be measuring promotional effectiveness and trust, and safety. The cookies are referred to as small files that are placed on the hard drive that will be assisting us in providing the services. We will also be offering certain features that are available only with the use of the cookie.

 The cookie will also be allowing you to enter the password less frequently during the session. The cookies can also help us in providing the information that is much targeted to the interest. Most cookies are automatically deleted from the hard drive right at the end of the session. However, you always get the freedom to decline our cookies if the browser permits. In that case, you will not get the ability to use certain features on the site, and you will be required to enter the password more frequently than others. Sometimes you can also encounter the cookies or other similar devices on a certain page of the site that gets placed by the third parties.

If you are viewing the web page that is created by the user, there will be a cookie that is placed within the webpage. However, it is good to remember that we will never control the use of cookies by third parties. If you are sending to us any personal correspondence like the letters or the emails or any other users or third parties are sending as correspondence about the activities of posting on the site; we will be collecting such information into the file specified.

When you are using the Android application, you have to keep in mind that for a better experience, we will require you to provide certain personally identifiable information. Some of them come inclusive of the username, device ID, and address. Information that we are requesting is also retained on the device and is not at all connected by us in any way.

Use of the information by us

We collect information about you and will be using the personal information for the facilitation of the services that you are requesting. We will also be saving the personal information in the file for the maintenance of you and the other information for obtaining your current and past activities. We will also be resolving the disputes arising in the promotion of safe trading, troubleshooting the problems while collecting the fees owed. You can also get a customized experience with the detection and protection against errors, fraud, or any other such criminal activity. We will be enforcing the user agreement and describing it to you at the time of the collection.

At times, we will also be looking across the multiple uses for identification of the problems for resolving the dispute. Sometimes, in particular, we also examine the personal information for identification of the users using the multiple users. You have to agree that we may be using personal information about you to help in the improvement of the marketing and promotional efforts. We will also be taking its assistance for the analysis of the site usage improvement of the site's content and also the protection of the data. We will also customize the site's content, layout, and services by taking into consideration your information.

You can agree that we may be using the personal information for contacting you and delivering the information to you at such time. Targeted banner advertisements, administrative notices, product offerings, and communications that are relevant to the users are also taken into consideration. By accepting the user agreement and the privacy policy, you directly or indirectly agree to receive the information.

Our disclosure of the information

We may also be using the information for the delivery of the information, and in some cases, they are targeted in your interest-based revenue services and promotions. We will always be cooperating with law enforcement and the regulated inquiries as well as third parties that are associated with the platform. Some of them are like Intellectual Property Rights as well as fraud and other rights that will help protect you and the community from the bad actors.

We always consider the verified request and will always be working on the law enforcement associated with the other government officials for relating to the criminal investigation of the illegal activity. We can also help in disclosing the name, state, city, telephone number, email address, fraud complaint user ID history, and the listing history without limiting the above. We will always be paying efforts to respect the privacy of our customers. Due to the existing regulatory environment, we cannot always ensure that the private information and other personal information will never be available for disclosure.

Moreover, you should know that we are using the industry-standard practices for the protection of privacy, we always do not promise that personal information or private communications will be remaining private. The consent you have to make is that by using the site or by providing the information, you are giving your consent in the usage of the information you are disclosing on the site. It is included but not limited to the consent for sharing your information as per clause 5 sub-clause 1 mentioned above.

If you are deciding to change the privacy policy, we will be posting those changes on the page so that you can become well aware of what we are collecting and how we are using it. You can also get information about what circumstances we are choosing to disclose it.


The account is the password-protected one. We are always using the industry-standard measures for the protection of the personal information that gets stored in our database. We also limit access to personal information to the Employees and the contractors. We can give them access to them for the proper functioning of their job as the customer service. If you are having further questions related to security, you can contact us.

We take the appropriate measures for protecting the information against any kind of unauthorized disclosure. However, we cannot assure you that personal information is not being discussed in any manner. We are always acknowledging that we aren’t responsible for the information sent to us by the internet.

We will always want to inform you that access to our service means minute errors at times. We always collect the data and information on the phone that is referred to as log data. It also comes inclusive of the devices internet protocol, address, operating system version, device name, the configuration of the application when using the service time and the date of the use of the service; besides we also consider other statistics,

Modifications to the privacy policy

We can modify the privacy policy when we are posting the new versions on this page. If we are making any kind of material changes, we will give you the information. We are using personal information. We will send the notifications to you in time by the email on the last email address you have provided to us. These are changes that will be made and will be effective upon the earliest of the 30 calendar days following the dispatch of the email.

The changes sometimes become effective immediately for the new users who are joining the platform. You have to note that at all times, you are solely responsible for the notice described above. We will also be providing the email information in such a notice that will constitute the effectiveness of the change. There will be changes to the privacy policy that can affect the use of the perfect information that you had provided to us.

Previously in case you do not wish to permit the changes in or usage of the personal information, you will have to notify us before the effective date of the change. It will help us to deactivate the account. If you are continuing with the account following the notice of the changes, it is indicating that you are acknowledging the changes and agreement, and you are bound by the terms and conditions of such changes.

Dispute resolution

If you believe that we are not adhering to the privacy policy, you can immediately write to us at the email address. You have to describe the possible ways in which you believe that the privacy policy is not complying with how we have mentioned above. We will investigate the complaint properly.

Contact the website and get access to the personal information about the return request. It will be subject to certain exceptions. It will be informing you of the use and disclosure of personal information. Forgiving you access to the information, the request must be made to our privacy officer using the contact information that we have provided above. When the requesting access is made to the personal information, we will also be requesting the specific information from you to enable the confirming of the identity and right to access.

We will do so while office searching for and providing the personal information that we hold regarding you. For all the things we will charge the fee to access the personal information and covering all the cost. We will always advise you to pay the fee in advance that must be not more than any maximum period prescribed by law.

Your consent

By using the website and by providing the information, you are giving your consent to the collection and the use of information about you following the privacy policy that is including but not limited to the concept of sharing the information as per the privacy policy. In case you have further questions regarding the privacy policy, feel free to contact us via email.

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