You have to read everything that is written in the translation part. You have to always understand all the statements made on the website that you selected. During the checkout process, we can process everything in the time slot and accept the cancellation request concerning the time slot that you select in the customer order place. In case the cancellation request comes to us within 24 hours of the start of the time slot we will give the 10% of the order that has been charged as the cancellation charge. We will also consider a 90% refund to the bank account. However, you have to know that a hundred percent refund can’t be requested to the wallet when we are attempting the cancellation charges. In case you want to make the cancellation request within 12-24 hours before the start of the times for then. You will get 20% of the order value deducted as cancellation charges and besides it is about the bank account. You have to note that a 100% refund is also requested. However, we have to always consider the cancellation charges

Bank refunds are available for initiation at the discretion of the company. It's worth considering the reasons for the cancellation at the unfortunate event, unavoidable circumstances, calamities, and anything else. So you have to keep in mind that no claims into the refund are made by a customer for overruling the above-stated class. We are accepting your cancellation request on orders that are being placed in the categories like the same-day delivery, category, and the date of the placing of the order. We don’t simply accept the cancellation request.

You aren’t entitled to any refund. The availability of the midnight delivery orders isn't available for the calculation. The special orders cannot be canceled as well and you won't get a refund for the same.

Same-day Orders

We always allow users to make the selection of the same day of the delivery on which he or she is placing the order. We always attempt to do the same day delivery on the request of the product. However, we would not promise to do so. We will also process the same-day delivery orders within 24 hours of the requested time slot and date with the same order for the evening. We do so till 5 p.m. The intent is to go ahead with the same day delivery. However, we do not promise to give a hundred percent effort for the delivery on the same date as the date of the order. We can give the order for the same day delivery till 7 p.m. It is an attempt of doing the midnight delivery and not a promise at all. We are always making 100% effective for delivery on the same date as the order you are placing.

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