• Will the delivery of the fresh cakes be fulfilled?

    You can enjoy the actual taste of the cake only when it's placed in time. That said, we will always keep the cakes fresh and prepared only some time before reaching the recipient. For the same achievement, we always put the customers to choose the delivery time as well. In this way, we can stay more about and all the delivery, and we can prepare the cake in time. We can also ensure that the customers always enjoy the freshest possible cake. We never believe in the delivery of stale cake.

  • Can I trust the quality of the cake that you deliver?

  • Do you support given a midnight delivery as well? If yes, what are the extra charges for the same?

  • What will happen if the recipient is unavailable? Will you provide the reattempted delivery?

  • Why do I find sometimes the delivery time is disabled?

  • Is there involvement of any delivery charges?

  • Is there involvement of the hidden costs or tax charges when I am purchasing?

  • How can I rest assured that gifts can be delivered at the address of my choice?

  • Do you consider taking the same day orders as well?

  • If I am attempting to cancel the order, when and how can I do it?

  • How long will it take for the processing of my canceling request?

  • Can I order something that is out of stock?

  • Is it always necessary to have an account for shopping?

  • How can I make the payment for the product that I order with you?

  • What about the mode of payment you are choosing?

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